Visit at the dentistWhy do you get your car serviced regularly, even when it is running well?  To see that it goes on running well!  Why do you see a dentist regularly? To prevent pain. Once a chiropractor has helped you back to health, a regular check-up can keep your body in working order.

Like a telephone network, your spinal cord delivers messages from your brain to your body through the nervous system. The vertebrae – the bones of your spine – provide protection for this vital part of your body. As you go through life, a loss of proper function (movement) in the vertebrae may interfere with the healthy working of your spine and the nerves that run through it. This may affect your body’s natural ability to recover from injury and you may find yourself increasingly unwell, unable to shake off apparently minor aches, pains and even some illnesses.

Loss of joint movement could be due to the daily wear and tear of life or as a result of things such as sporting injuries, workplace discomfort, stress, poor posture, accident or pregnancy.

Don’t wait for problems to start, see your chiropractor to keep your body in check.